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Even where white settlement was sparse, traditional Aboriginal society was often strongly influenced by the presence of the new arrivals.

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Promoting the understanding and appreciation of Oceanic art.

More than 7,000 churches in 175 countries spread Mother’s love around the world.
In 1995 the council made further proposals for social justice for Aborigines, including recognition of the original flag and some political representation for Aborigines.

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presented a poster titled  at the Acoustical Society of America annual meeting.
While some people in Europe at the time believed in a certain nobility about the quality of life in more 'primitive' societies, and thus spoke about the 'noble savage', convicts and others in the Sydney district began to treat Aborigines as less than noble savages.


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The land question lay at the heart of the decline of traditional Aboriginal society.
'they would have shared his further opinion:" 'They would have shared his further opinion: 'We have taken possession of their country, and are determined to keep it ...'

The whites' desire to educate and convert Aborigines hastened the breakdown of Aboriginal society.
Aboriginal law, a binding force in tradition al society, was not recognised by early European colonists, who declared that Aborigines must observe the Europeans' law and be responsible in the law courts for any violations of it.

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The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Oceania section with the University of Queensland Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science (CBCS) presented

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"Great turnout, great research, great networking and of course great events which our Section is well-known for," said Oceania Section President Dr. Carolyn Lundquist who attended the meeting.

of Oceania in order to keep them from rebelling

Oceania 2012: People and Conservation in Land and Sea Country
The Oceania Section hosted its regional congress in Darwin, Australia in September 2012. More than 200 conservation scientists, students and practitioners attended Oceania 2012: People and Conservation in Land and Sea Country at the University of Darwin.

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Oceania Section Changes to Bylaws Approves
The Oceania Section approved proposed updates to the Section bylaws on 29 October 2013 to account for minor changes in the functioning of the board.

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Updates from the SCB Oceania Conference in Fiji – Resilient Island Ecosystems and Communities, Suva 9-11th July, 2014: We had an excellent conference and accompanying workshops at the University of the South Pacific in Suva. About 200 delegates attended from 16 different countries, including researchers, managers, policy-makers and students. There was a wonderful array of different talks throughout the three days and plenaries that integrated cultural aspects with conservation science while others focused on the scientific challenges and new methods for facing them in our region and the world. The renowned Pacific Island hospitality didn’t disappoint, creating a lovely friendly atmosphere to the whole meeting. We particularly thank the Local Organising Committee, chaired by Stacy Jupiter, for making it such a great success. The conference coincided with the launch of an of Oceania in Pacific Conservation Biology, out in early August. We were also very pleased to hold a Silent Auction which contributed $FJ 2,500 to Nature Fiji, a local environmental group. We also developed a set of from the conference, and you can see our photos from the conference on the !. Don’t miss out on getting the message out about conservation, particularly in our region, and stay tuned for features from student award winners and other members soon.